Project    You’re so Green (2020)

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This project is about non-traditional taxidermy. In the process of thinking about it, it occurred to me that the items that a person touches or uses throughout the day can be considered " taxidermy".

These " taxidermy" items are all "rubbish" in some people's eyes, but I collected them and made them into taxidermy. Using them as display pieces, they are projected onto fabric collages, which I have sewn from knitted fabrics I have collected from my workplace.

I then placed the whole set in nature with the aim of turning recycled rubbish into the most living and sustainable organisms on the planet - green plants. This extreme contrast is exactly what I was looking for, as if it was a huge wake-up call that the greenery we care about is in fact one " taxidermy " after another under the influence of our misuse.

这个项目是关于非传统标本制作的。在思考的过程中,我突然想到,一个人一天中接触或使用过的物品都可以被视为 "标本"。

这些 "标本 "在某些人眼里都是 "垃圾",但我把它们收集起来,做成了标本。将它们作为展示品,投影在织物拼贴上,这是我从工作场所收集的针织物缝制而成的。