Project    Conditioning and Not Being Mended, Mong Varanasi (2023)

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Mong Varanasi is a name derived from the ancient Dai language, influenced by the Sanskrit language of Buddhism in ancient India. It means an ideal and magical place of bliss. In contrast, we are in this liminal space known as the 'present'; how can one seek peace amid the chaotic status quo and thus step into our inner Mong Varanasi?

Growing up at home, my grandmother played me Medicine Buddha's mantra songs, and it wasn't until I was older that I appreciated what the philosophy of Medicine Buddha conveyed. They have twelve vows, and each of the twelve vows represents Medicine Buddha's love of rescuing the many beings in real life. The Medicine Buddha mantra is mighty for healing physical illnesses and purifying negative karma.

The project starts with visualising the 12 vows of Medicine Buddha, each image employing a different liminal space and its corresponding modern tools to express the deconditioning of uncertainty. Closing the project with a moving image leads you to enjoy a moment of pause, to take a look at this day-to-day life, breaking habits and finding the peace we are missing in this material world.

勐瓦拉纳西这个名字源于古傣语,受到的是古印度佛教梵语的影响。它的意思是理想而神奇的极乐世界。相对应的,我们正处于这个名为 "现在 "的阈值空间,我们如何才能在混乱的现状中找到平静,从而走进我们内心的勐瓦拉纳西呢?