Project    The White Cubicle ( with Haewon Jeon, Tianwen Dong and Wenhui Jiang) (2022)

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This project was made by 4 of our members. We created a series of visual designs, such as experimental video, installation, graphic design and a little performance in a comfortable way.

Its main body is a short documentary which satirises the environment of the White City campus that we face now. Finding comfortable and motivational spaces for learning, sharing, creating and understanding at White City became a challenge. It highlights the uncomfortability of RCA White City by accentuating the office-like homogenised nature of the campus.

We took inspiration from Marcel Broodthaer’s Museum of Modern Art, Department of Eagles, 1968. He created a fake museum and made fun of the formality and museum system. PS The white room, 1975. Then we made our own version of the “white city office”. Since we are in a rental office building doing art, we took advantage of it and built a real/fake environment to make audiences think.

项目 "白色隔间",是由我们的四位成员共同完成。我们以一种舒适的方式创作了一系列视觉设计,如实验视频、装置、平面设计和小表演。

它的主体是一部纪录短片,讽刺了我们现在所面临的白城校园环境。在白城校区寻找舒适、激励的学习、分享、创造和理解空间成为了一项挑战。它突出了 RCA 白城分校的不舒适性,强调了校园办公室式的同质化。

我们从 1968 年马塞尔-布罗德塔尔(Marcel Broodthaer)的《鹰部现代艺术博物馆》(Museum of Modern Art, Department of Eagles)中汲取灵感。在这幅作品中,他创造了一个假博物馆,对博物馆的形式和制度进行了嘲弄。PS 《白色房间》,1975 年。然后,我们制作了自己版本的 "白色城市办公室"。因为我们是在一栋租来的办公楼里做艺术,所以我们利用了这一优势,营造了一个真实/虚假的环境,让观众思考。